IMO Chevy is doing a disservice to the Camaro brand. For one the only thing that looks Camaro is the front grill hood area. Chevy has been adamant in the past about Camaro's style and branding, and how the Camaro has never had a B pillar. And without NASCAR redesigning that area of the body the Camaro would not fit in NASCAR.

Well Chevy must have fell to the NASCAR pressure as the rest of the car looks nothing like a Camaro and looks just like a NASCAR COT. There is no body lines on the sides of the car, The side quarter windows look nothing like the car production version and where is the rear fender body lines like the production car?

IMO the NASCAR Chevy Camaro looks like crap!

And for those who dont know what the production version looks like!

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I'd bet they're only doing it to combat Ford using the Mustang and Dodge the Challenger

First thing I thought was Challenger with Chevy sticker package.B pillar should be mandatory 'Black'

Top outer corner's have a sharp corner,Challenger more of a continuous radius.

Why not just run the ChevForDodToy body they all look the same anyway lol

Looks MWR-ish with stupid looking chrome rims. Govt Motors garbage. Should have called it a Volt.


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