With the Daytona 500 in the books and practice just hours away it is time, once again, for our bipolar predictions of this sundays race. I believe that Robby will use the efficient TRD power and his "hand of God" car control to finish strong.

Vince says "Top 7"...what say you?

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I do agree with you that the 500 was a headache and that Robby has not had the results we all would have liked to see him have. It is much more educated to factor in his past results, with his practice and Qualifying times, with his budget, ect...I see alot of 20th-25th finish predictions, and that makes the most sense. I believe your odds are closer to reality than mine but I also avoid Vegas, cause we ALL know I would be broke. I love Robby, what he stands for, his fans and I hope he has a top 7...or 20...but wouldnt a top 7 be sweet!
It really would be great,I hope his practice times are an indication that he has a good middle of the pack car that's going to finish the race with a good top finish of 15 or better.
Since he has already exceeded expectations for qualifying, I'm going to be optimistic and say he at least finishes better than his starting position.....Top 12.
Top 5 for Robby his car looked strong during Qualifying.
Top 20. Needs time to adjust to new car.
I understand that Fontana has enough of an aero advantage that the cot does benefit on the backstretch enough to count. We saw alot of "drafting" today in the nationwide race but you are right in that a speedway and a superspeedway arent the same...


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