With the Daytona 500 in the books and practice just hours away it is time, once again, for our bipolar predictions of this sundays race. I believe that Robby will use the efficient TRD power and his "hand of God" car control to finish strong.

Vince says "Top 7"...what say you?

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Q - 28th
F - 22nd
there are some great longshot bets in there...

$5 on Dinger, Labonte, Mears, Reutimann, Sadler are not horrible bets...
A top 20 is a must this weekend after a disastrous Daytona.
I want some of this action!!!
Q- 31
F- 19th
Vince your drinking the kool aid again shame wow has got to your brain.
sorry guys i love Robby just as much as you but he sucks in cali.
prove me wrong Robby i will still be cheering 3 laps down.

Brian, I hear you. I gotta be the "shits gettin' deep" cheerleader for the home team. I will drink this Sham-Tastic Kool Aid all year and probably never have one prediction come true, except the one where Robby makes the Chase, see what I mean? Im high on RGM and it makes no sense, kinda like the haters say a one car team in Nascar makes no sense. I love all the fans and everyones opinion. I will lie in the trenches and take the grenades for the team, in that we will have one guy, just one, predicting the big "W" even when it will not happen. See you in Victory lane my friends...youll say "WoW' everytime!
i love your optimism.
I didnt see your name in there....dont take it personal. I listen to all the "realistic" guys chit-chat about how the team just cant compete at the big level and I respect you all keeping it real. I am not expecting a championship season till next year, Ill take a chase berth and smile this year.

I never realized we were having a who has been a diehard longer, I hope we all are! If not www.michealwaltrip.com is for you! I just aim for the sky and see what happens. Didnt mean to create an uprising against my comedic optimism.....Can we Gas On and move on?
SOMEBODY GIVE THAT MAN AN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Qual 34th
finish 17th
I'd take a top 20.


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