Midlife crisis, anyone? Bruce kept up with the post-split cliche;, buying a ridiculously priced sports car as news of the divorce surfaced. He reportedly spent $50,000 on this new UTV racecar from NASCAR star Robby Gordon. And just look at the grin on Bruce's face — somebody's excited to have his freedom! It looks like Bobby is happy about the sale, too. He gives the thumbs-up to the car's new owner.

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Could Bruce be the next Olympian to drive in the SST series lol ?

50 g's for that, what makes that worth that much money ?

$20k for car, $3k for cage and doors, $2k for wheels / tires, $750 for led light bar.... plus misc parts. plus it was built for RG!

If he paid 50grand than Robby is laughing all the way to the back. Sucker .....Bruce deserves to get ripped off
You can pay as much as you want for suspension on a RZR, I bet that's been reworked to RG specs.

RG is getting millions of dollars worth of free publicity for himself and Speed Energy on this one. LOL!!!


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