Bob Margolis' first column for @bleacherReport and it's a Robby Gordon / Dakar story, plus a Planet Robby mention.

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FYI, other than the obvious little error, the article ends with "You can follow Gordon's progress on several locations online, including his website. There will also be daily updates on the NBC Sports Network." Website is linked to none other than PR!!!!

Really good article . Can't wait to see Robby crushing the minis like the tin cans they are . Lol

Yeah, that's a pretty obvious error to PR regulars, but it won't be to others. Oh well. It is awesome that the two mentions contain direct links to PlanetRobby. Bring it!

I'm watching for RDZ to pick it up....could be very, very funny

Thanks Gluce.

Ok so is the car 2wd or 4wd? the article says 4wd.




Final answer -2wd
As Jaci pointed out,there are error's in the article,not as many as Road&Tracks.


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