Is Robby Gordon banned from BITD races this year? If so was he planning on racing any anyway?

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He raced the Parker 425.

Schedule permitting I am sure he would race.

Parker is where Casey's ruling came from.
I should have been more clear. I heard this after the Parker 425. Sucks to hear.

Casey's playground, Casey's rules.

You willingly break the rules, you should willingly expect to pay the consequences. At least thats what I taught my kids. Hope his sponsors didnt invest too much, expecting RGM to be competitive in the BITD series...

They need to just get rid of the helicopters altogether . Only ones allowed should be Medivac and whatever tv station is getting footage . The only guys using helis anyway are the high dollar mega buck teams .

I agree!

Just take whatever sponsorship money he was gonna use in BITD races and move it to SCORE races . Leave the heli at home .


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