Okay, so this might be lame question, but had Versus shown these events in the past? I know SPEED has shown some off road stuff, Lucas Oil, etc.
Just had poker on NBC Sports Network (hadn't had that fix in a while) and low and behold, up next Motorsport Hour and it's BITD at Parker, assuming it's last year's event as they talked points already.

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Yeah it was 2011 race the 1st 1/2 hr was the Truggies and buggies the second 1/2 hr was Trophy trucks 

A few weeks ago they had Vegas to Reno on too.

For as many different versions of those Lucas Oil shows there are on as many networks as they're on I will atleast say about 90% of the time they're usually showing some good stuff. Every now & then you get "weird hillbilly not even good enough for the local fair" stuff but most of the time they show legit organized racing.

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