Hated to see our man Robby @ number 8. (2:55 in). But props to why, Robby is a racer! The last statement says it best.

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That should have been #1. I was screaming at the tv when this was live

If this list included all NASCAR series, Kevin LePage coming off pit road at Talladega and wiping out the field would have to be No 1. Dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire life in any sport.

It was one of the top ten. Don't recall which one.

Worse part was LaPage blamed it on THEM and their spotters!

what year?

I haven't seen that in years, and it is even worse than I remember!

Disappointed in the top four after seeing LePage's wreck. I would put Mark Martin's stunt at No. 2. And anyone who fights Jeff Gordon is my hero. My respect for Jeff Burton went through the roof that day.


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