Peeking thru car list and ran across Robby's street legal car, up for auction Saturday, Lot 622.2

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Car is on right now. Had a nice piece on the cars earlier.

First car sold for $40,000.

I saw this car in Richmond last year. Robby was doing burnouts and just lighting up the parking lot!

Anyone know who bought the car ? I wouldn't be surprised if it was Vin Diesel . He collects classic and movie cars . I know he has the 69 Charger from the movie and this would be perfect to make a set .

Movie one is Saturday.

Thursday buyer looked like normal Joe. Robby was there, had a promo piece about it with Sheheen and talked about his dog going for ride in it. Supposedly there's vid of it somewhere.

This picture makes me thinks Cup, nationwide, and trucks should all run 20s
Movie car just got $ 38,000 plus 4 suite tickets for the SSTs in Phoenix . Car $ 38,000 SST tickets PRICELESS . Robby was there again and threw in the tickets when bidding was at $ 35,000

Anybody else see Robby bid on the huge diesel truck? He only bid once, Im sure to just get some quick tv time in.

didn't see it and have no idea but..maybe he was looking for something to haul the SST fleet with?

I dont think you are towing anything with this lift. I found the truck:


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