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Just a dream but how sweet would it be if a member bought this 1 time dakar truck and planetrobby raised some money to freshen it up and we submitted into the Baja 500. I know its probably not realistic, logistical nightmare, non competitive but it would be awesome. It would be cool to feel like part of the team, follow the truck and represent Planet Robby and Speed. Sorry just day dreaming - a little bait and switch on the title. lol


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This is a great idea! Wait....who would drive?

I used to drive a Class 10 in VORRA 25 years ago. Let me!!

hey jay ain't you supposed ti be at Prairie City FREEZING your butt off with everyone else

Yes on the freezing your ass off...

i'll stay by my wood stove (with the margarita blender working overtime) and keep planing for the Yerington race

Gee guys I'm here in nice warm Buffalo NY lol kinda an oxymoron Buffalo NY and warmth lol 

That Chevy looks like it might make an OK pre-runner if the price is right. Like if the eBay reserve is $30,000 or less. No mention of who built this thing, but a good guess is they were marginally clueless. Otherwise I think the seller would be saying who built this POS. Sorry, but it just looks über fucking heavy. It isn't really a TT from what I see.

If some Planet members wanted to put a team together and attempt their own "Dust to Glory" then I think you should look to buy a used class 11 car. For one you can find a used proven class 11 for $10 grand or less. Many times these cars that are for sale will come with boxes of spares. Most parts are stock VW Bug and can be found at junk yards across the country. This is a perfect class for a group that have little to know racing experience, and a challenging class for experienced racers. Ask guys like Roger Norman, or Gus Vildosola. They will tell you it is just as challenging to drive and navigate a class 11 as it is to drive a TT.

To make the actual race more affordable, you get 3 or 4 drivers and 3 or 4 navigators and you split the actual race cost. You each take a 175 to 200 mile section. Trust me that can be more then you might want sometimes. Then the other people who want to get involved but cant afford to be in the car, but want to be part of the experience can be part of the crew.

On top of this you post on RDC explaining what you are wanting to do and I bet you get many experienced people offer to help your team or are willing to stick around after their car has passed threw to make sure your car gets past their pit. Trust me more people will respect you and be willing to help when they hear your attempting your first attempt in a class 11 vs jumping into a high speed, high dollar race machine.

You might not be the most competitive, but your not attempting your first Baja 1000 thinking you are going to win it. Your thinking your getting a chance to fulfill a dream of being one of the few that have attempted a Baja 1000. And going in with the goal of just finishing would be huge. Now if you were to pull off a win, then that would be the icing on the dream cake.


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