Is the #7 back on the TT for thee 500? Shows Menzies in the 77 starting 4th. RG In the 7 starting 24th.

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Just found this on Twitter
Robby doing some prerunning
@MTG, not starting the 500 in those position's. Qualifying in those positions. Q is on Thursday , I recall.
RG is double duty this weekend kind of.
Because the 500 is Saturday, RG will miss Detroit Saturday. Driver TBD Saturday (I hope for Burt Jenner)

Burt is driving Davey's truck.

Matty Brabham will be filling in for RG
Thank you for clearing it up for me MK.

RG mentioned in the closing laps of Indy 500 and the closing laps, wondering if Rossi would have the same fate.

Painful day

I was just hoping Rossi's team didn't have Robby's fuel pick-up

Just got back from the Indy 500. What an experience! Sitting in turn 1 had a lot of exciting moments. Sure muggy for a Washington State guy. I would definitely go back!

did you meet up with 7gason?

Unfortunately no, I should have mentioned I was going to meet up with some Planet members but I went with my Dad, Brother, and Nephew. Didn't know what to expect so I keep things open.

Qualifying today 9AM-11AM PST.

SCORE will have their usual top notch coverage.


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