I didn't see this posted anywhere...and I know it usually sucks...but there is a 1 hour Baja 1000 recap on NBC today.

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Thanks Nikal

I think some of the best coverage was the 1988 ESPN coverage of the Mint 400 . I'd love to see coverage like that nowadays it would be awesome 

Yeah, thanks here too. That clears things up.

Thanks for the Explanation...I did not think it sucked but yea it was all about them and to someone not aware of the Baja 1000 I think it might have kept them entertained.... cannot forget of people that know nothing about racing like young kids watching for the first time

on the other side if robby would have had a film crew and that same opportunity it could have been a 15 min Speed Energy ad.... need to get some speed logos on the Cops cars ahead of time... LOL


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