Join in & discuss all the action for the B.I.T.D. BlueWater Desert Challenge. Robby Gordon is driving the #1537 SPEED Energy Truggy & is looking to wrap up the championship. Qualifying is on Thursday, October 11th & the race begins on Saturday, October 13th.

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Not trying to stir the pot or anything like that but it seemed like ......what I'm wondering is, is Robby running the Henderson race or will Clyde drive while Robby attends to SST issues and if that is the case was this the last race for RPM/SPEED ENERGY? At least in the b.i.t.d races it has been great, a good number of cars in their livery so alot of exposer and RG getting to show up and drive (by his nature I would believe he's more involved than just that) with great success! I've really been hoping that this partnership or whatever it is would continue. Realizing the season is not yet over but I wonder if this continues, it would seem beneficial to both Clyde and Robby, but is being in a TT important enough for him to step away from the truggy and run his own deal? Idealy I'd like to see him continue the RPM association be it in 1500 or 1400 in bitd run his pro2 in the Torc series and obviously SST. That would blanket the majority of the country and through TV deals and internet video most of Planet Robby should be able to satisfy their RG fix.

@Wally, IMO, Robby has to race Henderson. BiTD is a best 5 of 6 series and Henderson is double points (for position) and 30 start and 60 finsih bonus points (VtoR was 40/60/dble pos.) and I expect Robby to drop the 86 points from Silver State if he has a good Henderson race.So, becouse the BiTD Championship is do able,and everything else racing wish has sucked. I'm betting on finishing up the BiTD series,then concentrate on SST. IMO
Glad you enjoyed Parker.

Parker was AWESOME ! If I'm reading this correctly Robby DOES have to run the Henderson race . Here is the official writing directly from the BITD rule book .

DC4: The driver of record must sign all entry forms and releases in person during the registration period to be eligible for points during that event. Identification may be required. Special consideration registration may be permitted with advanced approval of Best In The Desert Racing Association.
SDC5: Only the Driver of Record will receive points. The race vehicle number will be assigned to the Driver of Record for the entire year. The Driver of Record must enter all points events to become a class champion. The points stay with the Driver of Record and the vehicle number for the entire year. Driver of Record does not have to start or finish, but must be registered to the race vehicle and must have signed all of the releases required by Best In The Desert Racing Association and cannot be replaced in the race vehicle with special exception approved by Best In The Desert.

Hope this helps clear up things as to what me and Mike have been saying all along . In order to win the championship a driver must run in ALL the races . That's why we kept saying Robby couldn't clinch at this or that event . All the races haven't been run yet . Henderson will be the last one .
Besides it just gives us another race to watch Robby KICK ASS ! Lol

Thank you mj, dude you're way to organized!! LOL That explains it all I was under the impression that Clyde could drive as long as Robby was listed as driver of record that seems to be wrong. With the impecable prep the Truggy has seen and RG lending his talents behind the wheel a championship seems possible! As far as the future my crystal ball is all but useless it keeps showing me Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes drinking and crashing cars and going to jail. No shit right?

Thanks Mike I wasn't sure on the whole driver of record thing, it'll be good to see him finish it out. And Thanks Parker was great would have liked to do both days buy Debbie and I wanted to catch the last Lucas Oil regional race of the season out at Firebird. Desert then short course great way tp spend a weekend!

Not a problem Wally but what would old farts like us do with young chick train wrecks like those two lol .


Stay far away! far far away!!


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