American racing pioneer and NASCAR legend, Robby Gordon, is bringing his popular new Stadium Super Trucks Series to next year’s Clipsal 500 Adelaide in an Australian first.

The 2015 Clipsal 500 will be the first time these 650 horsepower V8 trucks will compete for points outside North America.

See the trucks race side-by-side and tackle huge jumps taking the trucks over six meters in the air and up to 45 meters down Adelaide's famous street circuit.

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This is a big deal! I would love to see Marcos Ambrose in one! How many trucks are going?

This is Great to hear BUG UP's to SST/ Robby Gordon, although the pictures bring up a Q's
1. I like The new style hood on the SST it looks more like TT's hood but just a touch more aggressive and the grill has a Chevy logo on it leading me to ask is Chevy going to officially sponsor SST as an engine supplier? If not why change the hood and add the Chevy logo at all or is it just a one off Australia deal?
Great news
The truck in the pic doesn't look like an SST to me. My practical side say why would Robby fly an SST to Australia for an announcement?$ doesn't make since
I agree MK that don't look like a SST . Not only the body but the wheelbase seems longer and its a taller truck as well . Still AWESOME news but what does Robby have cooked up this time lol . Stay tuned same Robby channel same Robby time lmao
Just read on Twitter, no it's not a SST

but it is a chevrolet, which made me think it wasn't sst.

That's a TT.

Most definatly a TT . Almost looks like the one RPM used with Juan Carlos

That place is stacked with TT's, class 1's, all kinds of vehicles that were originally raced in N. America, as well as their own creations. All this took was permission, paint codes and some added vinyl and of course some $.

Great find Nick !


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