After a 15th place finish in Las Vegas, RGM will be rolling out the new chassis under the Jim Beam Camry for this years Kobalt 500 in Atlanta. This is race #4 and one of Robby's best tracks for a points cushion before the bowl(Bristol) and the paperclip(Martinsville) horrors. I think the missing TRD power will be found and the team will have a great weekend...Go Robby Go!!!!!

Qualify-TOP 15
Finish-TOP 7

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Hahaha poor Joey....

Lap 120, 4 cars though.
Okay, It was a side thought to keep things light but its gone, I will keep my predictions posts just
Thank you Meridith.
It's a joke. You know, those things where you say things you don't necessarily mean, in a comical manner?
Yes you do Meredith. Can I perdict Joey crashing in practice, or just the race?

Q 27
F 13
qual 19

fin 11

lap 38 lol
Good job on the qualify prediction!
Top 20 would be nice, anything further up would be a bonus.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Qual 16
Finishes 23
Qual 19,Finish top 10,good track for Robby,got to stay on lead lap to halfway point after that He does his best racing!!Go RGM
Qualify 23rd

Finish 9th

I'll be there this weekend, I can't wait to see Robby!!!


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