I should have done it a while ago . Where are you from on the globe as the Rally crawls to a halt don't be a stranger. Mike M. Buffalo N.Y. U.S.A.

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Not yet, but give it time. Out of state vineyards are still buying up all the fertile farms.

I really want to go checkout the museum. My buddy runs the McMinnville newspaper. Cool town.

Huntington Beach Ca.

Lemon Heights Orange County CA

Northridge, CA

Originally from a suburb of Rochester N,Y, and now I live in Elizabethtown Kentucky.

Half the year in Lisbon - Portugal and the other half in Terceira Island - Azores - Portugal.

Aside from being a moderator here on the Planet, Bruno is also an exceptional artist and for the past 8 years has designed our page headers during the Dakar Rally. Check out more of Bruno's work here.


Part time in Austin, TX and the rest in Zhuhai China. ↑↑ Pedal down Robby!

17 miles from Tijuana , National City

Beautiful downtown Oakfield NY . Population more cows than people .


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