Thursday November 16th, 2017

Join in here and discuss all the action for the 2017 SCORE BAJA 1000.This event is 1134.4 mile race starting in Ensenada and finishing in La Paz. Links for tracking, Facebook and Twitter will be provided.

Updates to follow
Q is Tuesday October 31,2017 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (start of SEMA week)



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Is this serious? Max just finished the Baja 1000? The same Baja 1000 that kicked my butt a couple of times. Way to go Max!

Hopefully someone posts some good video footage, the drone shot was cool...

Here’s some screen captures to hold us over

MJ - You need to be part of a Off-Road broadcast crew!

Lmao naaa just good with an iPad and photoshop lol

great pics thanx

A shout out for this intense accomplishment would be very nice........From the American Sports media. Remember when ....? I'm sure you do. Nice Going Max and Robby from Sundays Smoked Ribs Head Quarters....Buffalo N.Y.

...congratulations to the speed teams !! congrats robby and max !!

that was some crazy action oh man...!! ;- ()

gordon finished 16th btw and romero 18th- max gets dnf ....

here some nice vids:


Happened upon the live feed about 10-15 minutes before Robby finished. The video drones caught great footage of 77 tossing mega dirt in the air...the typical "give the people a show" that Rob is known for. As we all even finish this race is a big deal. GAS ON!!


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