just getting the jump on everything, but this will be a work in progress, no doubt. Structure of the site will evolve every hour. Stay tuned !

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Yeah I want my money back for the Uprising shirt I have, that now has no meaning to anyone! haha. I wouldn't really take it back but it does have the web address on it and people aren't gonna find anything if they go there.
A thousand thanks for making the site, I am not going to take offense to not being invited, I am not sure how we all found it. I got it through another Robby site, but thank you for putting in the work and time. MT Gas On!!!
$19.95 later and those bullshit google ads are GONE ! Hell yeah !
Thanks for putting up a new site. Wonder why they pulled the plug, especially after buying Uprising merch to sell.
Always taking care of us. You mean we won't have any Single Arab ads. How ever will I find a date.
Hi Tog! Hi all! It's looking fine. Thanks for the invite. I have to admit, I had taken a little hiatus from the Uprising for the past week. I didn't realize it was down until your invite. It's nice of you to put this together. Kind of strange the way things are happening lately...
Way to go TOG. Looking good!
Thank you so very much TOG. I was going nuts at work without the Uprising to read (I sometimes have a bit of downtime because I am "too good of a worker").
Thanks TOG for keeping the tourch lit.
yo, that logo rocks..I will work on the graphics end of it tomorrow and get the corrrect color combos on the site. Good way of saying it. Keep the torch lit is correct. Besides, RuR was so easy to upload scanner replays. Hope you don't mind if I steal the logo.
Thanks TOG, I really missed the uprising, but what gives with the pictures of Michael?
I figured those would make people chnage em quicker than the Helton pics.
Bottom line is, if you dont want to be a Mikey Fag then you better post up a picture on your page. I love it! BTW I was told that Mike Helton knew about his picture being used on RUR and I guess he got a laugh out of it.


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