Is a Penske power plant the answer to the woo's of RGM.....Just taking the pulse of the Planet....

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IMO, power is important at the plate, road and short tracks. But handling rules at the intermediates. Speaking of handling it looks like the new chassis and geometry that they brought to the Lowes test worked. Hopefully, that will translate to something good this week.

BTW, for a team that seemed to be running out of bread a few weeks ago, they still can build new chassises. I wonder if someone pony up some bread awhile back?
I have been ripped on time and time again for saying Penske is the man. Penske will not screw over Robby. Now lets see what we can do, no more excuses.
Penske is as good as it gets in a motor lease situation. Roger Penske, probably above everybody else in the garage is a man of integrity. I definitely feel that Robby will be getting the same motors that Kurt Ryan and Sam are getting. I do not think it is the answer for next season. He needs to be a part of a bigger team. Whether it be DEI or Penske Racing, I don't care. I think both are good organization on the rise. Penske may have more upside with Roger's deep pockets but DEI is a Chevy team which have been better than Dodge. Let's call it a draw. The point is he need to sell out and get a comfy 3-4 year minimum contract and see what develops. If he goes to Penske, I guarantee a road course win next year. Penske's road course chassis are as good as it gets.
My only concern is reliability. Been some Cow-Booms this year in Penske land.
I don't think they are the answer. They have only been to Victory Lane once and that was because of rain. I don't think they are a power house, just willing to take RG's money.
Make that twice...Ryan Newman did win the Daytona 500 this year...without the aid of rain.
if it gives RG confidence, then it is a answer. Something to boost moral.
Having the right people in place will be the only way RGM succeeds. Took a huge step back with Walter.
Mr Penske is still a partner in Ilmor.I have way more confidence in Penske South power than the crap GEM was providing.Mike
From what I have seen in my 25+ years of watching NASCAR, all the horsepower in the world means nothing if you can't apply it to the track efficiently coming off the corners. Coming out of a turn dead sideways and having to lift to keep the car out of the wall (i.e. at California a few weeks ago) kills your straightaway speed...regardless of hp. Having a car that is pushing going into and moreso through the middle and off the corner forcing you to lift kills your straightaway speed. Driving deep into a corner and braking when you see Jesus is going to kill your corner and your straightaway speed. In otherwords, if the car handles like crap, the engine will appear to be down on horsepower when it really isn't.
How many more races have Penske drivers won than GEM? How much higher in points are the Penske drivers than the GEM drivers?

HP is only one part of what it takes to win. It sure can't hurt, but it won't be THE REASON for any great success....
Well I for one am concerned of the Penski engine deal. All the Dodge motors are the same. It's what ya do to it to make more horsepower. When you start making more horsepower you start playing with the reliability side of it. Ya have to find that balance of horsepower and reliability. We all know that Robby is really hard on engines.

So.. Do the Penski Motor actualy make more horsepower then GEM? Are they as reliable?


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