Saturday April 7 2018
San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

315 mile loop course

Here are the starting rules for the Baja 500, this is why RG is racing the SF250
The 2018 Start position order for each event will be determined as follows:
• San Felipe 250 –There will be a draw to determine the in-class start order for all classes.
• 50th Baja 500 – San Felipe 250 results will determine the in-class starting order.

To summarize the above, start positions for the San Felipe 250 will be a draw and your results from the San Felipe 250 will determine the start positions for the 50th Baja 500. Start positions for the Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge will be a draw. Your result from the Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge will determine your Baja 1000 start position unless you are in a SEMA Qualifying class.

NOTE: Refer to the 50th Baja 500 and Baja 1000 sections below for additional details on how the In-Class Start Order will be administered for each event. Prior to each event, refer to the Schedule of Events to learn more about the specific registration time and day deadlines for that event.

50th Baja 500
The Driver of Record/Rider of Record (DOR/ROR) that finishes first in class in the San Felipe event will start first in their respective class at the 50th Baja 500. The DOR/ROR that finishes second in class in the San Felipe will start second in their respective class at the 50th Baja 500 and so on. If a team uses an alternate driver or rider in the San Felipe event, the official DOR/ROR will be the one that is given the start position at the 50th Baja 500.

Draw # 1 – If a San Felipe 250 entry finished as a DNF they will be entered into a drawing to determine their 50th Baja 500 start positions in their respective classes. This group will start behind the teams credited with a finish at the San Felipe race.
Draw # 2 - Teams not entered in the San Felipe 250 event that register and pay fees in full before the 50th Baja 500 online registration deadline will be entered into Drawing #2 and will start behind the San Felipe finishers and teams in Draw #1.
NOTE: Start positions earned at San Felipe 250 will be reserved only until the draw date for the 50th Baja 500. San Felipe participants who do not register before the draw deadline will be placed in Draw #2. San Felipe participants who do not register and pay before the close of the on-line registration will be treated as a Late Race Entry.
Late Race Entries (received after the online registration deadline date and time) will be in the order the entry was received behind the San Felipe 250 participating teams and those who met the online registration requirement to be in the draw.

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Stay tuned for timing and scoring links

Will he be in his truck or the Potts' Geiser?

My money is on Potts

Well, because the #59 is not on the entry list and the #60 is. And I have not gotten any simple answers to queries regarding the SF250. I'd say the #59 Potts rig renumbered to be #77. But that's just me.

9:30 am PT is first TT start Saturday.

I have obligation's 8-11. I'll try and post links before I leave in the morning.

Thanks for the info Mike. RG said he really liked the Potts Truck at the Mint. Some of the 'Pros' believe the Geiser will do better in the whoops than RG's truck due to how heavy the Geiser is.

Well Mike asked .... I posted questions ... not that people would respond to me but I thought why not. So we all should know by Thursday ....

there you go, re-numbered 59 to 77

Welp .... you called it Mike

and it's a FORD!!!


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