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Robby qualified 3rd 1.6 sec behind Johnson's AWD.......still not too shabby! ;)

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How are the golf carts doing ?

It is what it was fun .

Am I the one who would love to see Robby in a 4wd ? He’d be sooooo awesome . He hardly ever lifts with 2wd just imagine him in 4wd lol

No, you're not the only one.....but I was soooo hoping for a top finish this year in the 1k. He did state on IG that an AWD was in the future. I'm just curious though....with as busy as his shop is with SST/SxSs, would he seek an outside supplier or what?

Yeah I saw the IG too that’s why I asked it’s gonna be so awesome seeing him wfo with 4wd . I wonder if the Potts shop would help out any with the building

RGM has the most advanced shop of any off-road shop. RGM would build it.

I don’t doubt RGM having the best builders I’m just thinking about time wise . Maybe Potts could help out manpower wise

think Robby lost a Diff.

he did great in qualifying and seemed to have a solid race until the diff.

the 4x4 Mason truck was killing it most of the race until mile 670ish (i think)

lots of good racing and broken cars. congrats to the #16TT and to all the finishers.
the 7x bike...damn fast

7x overall’d by 36 seconds!

That’s crazy

Awesome copter footage


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