No comments yet?!!?!?

Robby qualified 3rd 1.6 sec behind Johnson's AWD.......still not too shabby! ;)

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Cole is moving

Barely, maybe

it;s all good! With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we get what we need in regards to updates.


A big thanks for all that you have done for the site over the years


Hey all I’m here I’ve been on score webcast and weatherman site following it was pretty dead here , but totally agree with mike seems like everyone comes on here only if there’s a race and other than that it’s dead . I check here at least once just about every day and hardly any other people are here just seems like our planet is slowly fading away :-(

it's 6:47 am Saturday. the 77 is at rm 772

22 miles out

7:40 am, 77 is in

Thanks Mike

Good to see a finish


I see Steven is out of the Truck. I wonder who finished co-pilot with RG


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