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Robby qualified 3rd 1.6 sec behind Johnson's AWD.......still not too shabby! ;)

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And importantly, Cole Potts a teammate of sorts, qualified right behind him and will make a nice buffer to those fast trucks behind them. Starting out 3rd ain't bad at all. Let the guys in front of you find the booby traps.

Interesting that article talks about Ricky Johnson's motorcycle career, but not his short course pro-4 career (the whole reason Connor put him in that truck). Ricky has won multiple Pro-4 championships.

Potts is driving with RG, just did Q for fun he said when they interviewed him

I was curious about that! I wonder what miles Cole will be driving?

Where is everyone I figured the place would be loaded with people I’m following on the tracker and webcast

@ MJ how do I find webcast or tracker?

MJ , working probably.

Damn been a little slow on updates for the 500 across all social sites

Miss the old chat page.

hi guys ...what happened with the chat?

It costs a ton,and nobody donates to keep the site going

Also ‘chat’ requires moderation. TOG is in Mexico with the team, I’m at home now texting TOG tracking for the 4 rigs,


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