Indycar Grand Prix at the Glen
September 1st- 3rd

Friday, September 1st, 2017
11:15 Practice and Qualifying
Saturday, September 2nd, 2017
12:30 Race 1
Sunday, September 3rd, 2017
12:10 Race 2
Schedule subject to change

All times posted are Eastern time

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Many years ago my engine blew up on my way to the Glen. I rode "In my car " on the flatbed back to Buffalo ..while my two kids rode in the cab. I rented a car ...packed it ...I mean "PACKED" the weekends stuff in a pounding down pour. Drove back to the Glen rained were throwing rocks into the grand stand during practice...I FLIPPED.....That weekend was a pleasure cruise compared to what screwed me out of this weekend. I would have hitch hiked if I could..........I am everything ......the baby sitter warned you about. .....Now , get this. things happen for a reason. After I had officially been made to miss the weekend, the truck hardly left the drive way but for a few dinks. Then Tuesday an Axle seal let go big time .....not wetness....not...ooooo"gotta get to that"......but right turn puddle blobs.....By my calculations my rear end would have detonated at the exact mile marker that my engine had it's fit so many many moons ago. So while I was having a two day pity party .....a sadness of the dragon who had lost it's flame.......Fate was dealing me aces the whole time. Yes ...i'm the guy.... the guy you laugh at ....laugh with.....and basically ....just have no choice but "to" laugh....I guess i'll have to meet another time, the members of "The Club"

Saved to my favs list lol
Watkins Glen maybe be gone but Road America looks like a good replacement


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