Hello Robby Gordon Fans...2017 SST Race #2 for this year starting in a few minutes, you there???????

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Go Robby Gordon!!!!

Race about to start...heck yes.....go RG and Sheldon!!!!

...very close race, love the action....chat available?????

no chat, sorry
one hell of a race

Agree, great race!

Sorry to break it to you all, but....SST is the main stream for Robby Gordon, dirt Off-Road racing is second, but is the "Icing-On-The-Cake!"

You into it......yes? SST Races are LiveStreaming, tomorrow about the same time....

different time, we'll know tomorrow, within an 1hr-1 1/2 range.IMO

Amazing race as usual
Is Traxxas no longer sponsoring SST? I noticed all the Press Releases from this weekend didn't mention Traxxas, Sheldon is not driving a Traxxas truck, and the Traxxas logo is not on the grills of the trucks.
Nope, you may see more of Boost Mobile for Sheldon. Via , SST FB live feed
Wow that's a huge deal. I thought Traxxas was a great fit. I hope it ended on good terms
Traxxas has pretty much pulled out of all motorsports , they also don't sponsor Ashley Force in nhra either anymore


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