Just a heads up Robby Gordon will race the 2017 Parker 425, Feb. 2-4.

We will have live streams during qualifying & on raceday.

If you are attending the event, the SPEED Energy Souvenir Trailer will also be there.

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Love it

 photo IMG_5130.jpg

where or how you get pics

@Speedy, that pic was from the PlanetRobby Facebook page.

Thanks mk yes from Planet Facebook although I got the link for it on Twitter

I will be there. Starting with contingency on Friday. Truck look cool too.

This thread will become the race thread , TOG green lite 'chat' for Saturday .Race 1:30 pm local


RG , Q draw was 74th .Q is Thursday , 11:30ish

Thank you
Make sure you're following Planet Robby on Facebook. They've been live streaming from Parker today.
Will Robby stay for the contingency tomorrow with the souvenir trailer or will they pack it up and go home now? Hope he stays
What happen?
Was watching the live feed on Facebook and it appeared the truck came to a stop didn't hear any loud noise but some cussing and then trying to start the truck and then the feed stopped


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