Just a heads up Robby Gordon will race the 2017 Parker 425, Feb. 2-4.

We will have live streams during qualifying & on raceday.

If you are attending the event, the SPEED Energy Souvenir Trailer will also be there.

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Belt again maybe??
Damn it fricken motor again ?
no it sounded like when he tried to restart the motor sounded like when timing belt breaks way out of timing the live feed video is gone buy i saw it 5 times after

Alright...........dust off the damn silver hats......

+ Million

Is RG done already?

No one knows or don't want to tell,. wth. come on guys,. are they working on it, or it's done for good?

Well? it's at least 36hr's till the first Trick Truck rolls off, so never say never? No idea how/what Robby is think'n .

would be nice to know as for now im will not be going if Rg no racey ill holdoff till tomorrow

@Ivan, there isn't there lots of 'other' action to watch?

Any news on Robby racing today or is DNF/DNStart the result this weekend yet again? To bad he does not drive the RPM Truggy anymore, great combo and great results!!!!!!

Yeah done.


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