With the Gordon/Creed Dream Team a reality, let's shout out our fan favorite do and do nots from past efforts:

DO: Go just fast enough as not to high center on top of dune.
DO NOT: Buy gas from the local Pepe's Gas and Go.

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Do: Make sure all cv boot clamps are tight, if not tight then just pump the cv with grease on the special and go with it.
Do Not: Spend two hours on the special trying to attempt such a large repair.

"RGs lesson learned he provided in a stage recap"

Thank goodness, the Gordini's don't have CV joints. Lesson learned

Do: Go fast and keep the rubber side down.
Do Not: Break the car.

Do: Be consistent.
Do Not: Swing for the fence.

That too.

Do: Steal bitchen Cingular orange color from the local villaige Fiat

Do not: Rely on it to tow you out of a ditch


That was awesome!

Do: Win the overall
Do Not: Let Peter Puffer beat you

DO: stay focused and spray minis with dust
DONT: Over drive

Do: Race the road not the Mini's
Don't: Race Creed

Do place the lotion on the skin
Do not forget to put the lotion in the basket

do: 80% week one 110% week two
do not: 110% week one
been waiting for this for a year you got this team speed


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