Once again, it's getting close to the start of greatest race in the world, the 2016 Dakar Rally! In the days leading up to the start of stage 1, there will be many events taking place. Robby Gordon is already in Argentina, has picked up the support vehicles and will retrieve the race cars from the airport today (Dec.30). The 2nd team driver, Sheldon Creed, will arrive today as well.

The #TeamSPEED compound will be setup, and work on the vehicles leading up to Scrutineering (Tech inspection). Scrutineering takes place from Dec. 31st to Jan 1st in Buenos Aires. On Jan 2nd, the teams will parade to the 'opening ceremonies ramp' and all the drivers will be introduced. There will be links to the "LIVE TV FEED" available on Jan. 2nd.

Also taking place on Jan. 2nd is "The 15 Minute Warmup" - Buenos Aires to Rosario. This will set the lineup for stage 1.

The competitors are timed over a distance which is long enough to separate them into a logical starting order for the next day, but not really long enough to talk about a first day of competition. The mini-special section and the liaison section to the light bivouac of Rosario should not cause any damage... unless drivers are really unlucky and/or reckless!

Stage 1 begins on Jan. 3rd, 2015. As always, we will have live raceday chat, stage threads, in-action updates, photos, videos, etc. The guys on the crew will also be sending us updates from the frontline.

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For those just joining us, there are 2 cars for #TeamSPEED this year.

#312 - Robby Gordon / Kellon Walch
#337 - Sheldon Creed / Jonah Street

+1 - great stuff.

An All American Team Effort and a great time to be a Robby Gordon Fan. Gas on My Friends.

So Robby and Sheldon could start P1 P2 on stage 1...

Yes. It's possible!

Lets get this show off the road!!

I really have a good feeling about this year. If Robby can avoid problems up to Jujuy he will be in a rhythm. And Sheldon is going to surprise a lot of people.

TOG the Team compound will be setup at the Hilton like the last Dakar? Or in tecnopolis.

Oh to be 18 again and driving a Gordini. "Best job I ever had"



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