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Car list:
The 330 looks perfect for G2 if we need it.

THE NL Dakar tracker (ignore 2015 info, it will update when it starts)

Eurosport link:

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Yep, formal announcement this up coming week

Interesting video with the new changes on the Peugeot

They've definitely spent some cash. Good competition is just that... see you at the Dakar.

Both cars are on the boat? Or still in the US?
I mean SHIP XD

support rigs are on the ship, sailing South.Off the South American coast line ,reportedly
Racers are still in North Carolina, they usually fly out closer to Christmas, historically

Saturday morning update,
Racers are being flown in.
The ship carrying the support rigs is reportedly anchored , waiting it's turn to be off loaded in Buenos Aires.

Winter in USA and summer in Buenos Aires..., Jet lag and little rest can take a serious effect on physical perfomance .
We all hope that this time .., the entire RGM team give us the results we want ..!!

Another interesting tidbit .....Alexander Smith (son Of the legendary Malcolm Smith) is also going to be competing in the Dakar.
Always good to have another American to root for


RDC and Toyo are gonna have coverage

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The Euros have landed ... where's my precious Robby?


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