Nice shiny new header. Here we go!

Car list:
The 330 looks perfect for G2 if we need it.

THE NL Dakar tracker (ignore 2015 info, it will update when it starts)

Eurosport link:

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F*** Yeah !!! 26 days to see the Gordini kick some asses in the Dakar. I can't wait

That's all I got to say about that.......

No predictions this year I jinx him every time lol

Looks like another solo attempt by RG unless there is a late entry. But we do have two HUMMERS in the mix. One that looks like a Polish entry and the other Czech. My guess is they both are probably ex-military conversions.

Red Bulls "6 New things" about 2016 Dakar

1. Iván Cervantes has joined the motorcycle battle
2. Five-time winner Marc Coma will be behind a desk
3. Lesotho will be represented for the first time
4. The world’s greatest rally driver will make his debut
5. And he’ll be joined by another World Rally Championship hero (Mikko Hirvonnen)
6. El Niño has blown Peru out of the rally

I may be wrong, but given the lack of news I think we will see two Gordini's in the 2016 Dakar. Why else has there been zero pictures of the trucks being loaded onto the ship? I could be wrong if they are saving everything for a big announcement show along the lines of last year or maybe this years announcement show will give us the news of two Gordini's in the show.

Stuff will kick into gear very soon!

Anyone else notice #337? Johnny Campbell in a Gordini, but no second name on the entry.....


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