schedule-sor A returning crowd favorite -the high-powered trucks of Robby Gordon's SPEED Energy Formula Off- Road will also return for a third consecutive year to race side-by-side over high-flying jumps on the challenging street course.
Race and practice times:
Friday June 12 2:00pm Stadium Super Trucks PRACTICE
Saturday June 13 4:00pm Stadium Super Trucks RACE # 1
Sunday June 14 2:10pm Stadium Super Trucks RACE # 2

Fell free to add anything SST race related

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Definatly webcam was spotty cause of the rain I just kept refreshing the page . Its really pouring here and its all the same big rain cell . Goes as far north as Toronto and as far south as Bradford PA . They did a great job with it considering the weather

1. Keegan Kincaid
2. Sheldon Creed
3. Robby Gordon
4. Matt Brabham
5. Charles Dorrance
6. Bill Hynes
7. Russell Boyle
8. Scotty Steele
9. EJ Viso

Nice showing in the rain from Matt Brabham! I hope he had fun.

Great racing
Was up in Toronto for the Indy and finally got to see SST in action. Far more exciting than the feature events. Would have loved to get up close and personal with Robby, but was stuck in a box entertaining clients. Word is that ROC is moving to London for 2015. Imagine SST at Wembly stadium infront of all the British fans. They will go mental.

Great time had by all at the Honda Indy in Toronto. Great city for food and scenery and the SST show was again a great compliment to the weekend event. Won't be long and Brian France will be asking to have him open up and entertain the NASCAR crowd....

I will take that bet for an 18 pack of Miller MGD ship'd to my home. Brian France and NASCAR or ISC will not ever alllow that. that's my bet !



LOL - guys we weren't serious.... but it would be funny if it happened? No?


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