schedule-sor A returning crowd favorite -the high-powered trucks of Robby Gordon's SPEED Energy Formula Off- Road will also return for a third consecutive year to race side-by-side over high-flying jumps on the challenging street course.
Race and practice times:
Friday June 12 2:00pm Stadium Super Trucks PRACTICE
Saturday June 13 4:00pm Stadium Super Trucks RACE # 1
Sunday June 14 2:10pm Stadium Super Trucks RACE # 2

Fell free to add anything SST race related

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Looking forward to watching Russell Boyle with his Rookie strip intact

Stadium SUPER Trucks ‏@SSuperTrucks 15m15 minutes ago

Practice results from @hondaindy

1. Viso
2. Creed
3. Steele
4. Kincaid
5. Dorrance
6. Brabham
7. Boyle
8. Hynes
9. Gordon

I wish for Scotty Steele to not get another head bonk this weekend.

EJ Viso ‏@EJVISO 1h1 hour ago

Pole position in Toronto :). Track was slippery as it was drizzling. @SSuperTrucks looking forward into a great race

Photo credit: EJ Viso

A very wet practice session today at @hondaindy Toronto.

Photo credit: Staduim Super Trucks

Check out the roof of @thethrill57, showing support to @Hinchtown #canada @hondaindy

Looks like rain tomorrow and Sunday too . I'm just on the other side of Lake Ontario and we're getting thunderstorms .

it's to bad the Northwest is invisible to most motorsports. Nice weekend ahead, I'll be at the races Saturday, dry! ;-)

first time I'll miss SST in Toronto. stay dry!!!

Race #1 Live Stream 4:00PM EST

Top 3 finishers at @hondaindy SST race #1 1. Scotty Steele 2. Sheldon Creed 3. Robby Gordon

Photo credit : StaduimSupertrucks

ns to see after his hard crash last week and he been bad fast all yr good job Scotty Steele


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