Feel free to add any info to this thread pertaining to the Rally.
Thanks Mike K. for the Tracker Link http://www.volocore.com/index/m1k_2015/#

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It's been good week.

TOG is probably excited to head home.
For RGM A couple week break than Detroit May 29-31,The BAJA 500 June 4-6, X-Games June 7,Toronto June 12-14,Goodwood June 25-28

Crap that's busy

I know some of the haters are gonna go: So what. Robby won two relatively unknown races. Where was the competition? Anybody who knows anything about off-road knows the biggest challenge is keeping the race vehicle together. In nearly every off-road event it seems half the class either doesn't finish or has a major mechanical failure. So, by winning these two races, Robby not only proves that the Gordini is capable of running up front and winning, but also takes a large step in proving the reliability of the race car. That IMO is more important than the trophies. Because the overall goal hasn't changed: To win in the world's toughest endurance race, The Dakar.

Great job to Team Speed Energy, Toyo tires, Traxxas, and to everybody involved in making this endeavor a success!

Wins are wins, and that's awesome.

But RG had a 30+ minutes in penalties and stopped for an hour to fix a driveshaft - and still won by 15+ minutes. Maybe NORRA is a little like playing tennis with the nets down.

It's fortunate that Robby didn't lose an hour racing ... to fix a drive-shaft ... else a vintage Chenowth would had won over-all ... jeje

Maybe talent skipped a generation and BAJA Bob is the real talent ;-)

I'd say Bob taught Robby he knows but not necessarily everything Bob knows lol
Totally agree Kevin but to further shut up the haters check this out .


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Gosh that site is confusing.
Yeah don't agree you should be able to buy a trophy but bottom line is they gave Robby the credit for the win and that's the most important .
Why do you read that crap bogus site? You've been told that is the fraud Mike Overcast. And yet you continue to post that crap on here!

For one where does it say the Mongo guys got to keep the trophy? Being that they were the first truck to finish the finish line people might have just stuck it on his truck for a picture before he left the finish area? They don't know at the time if Mongo or RG are the winners.

The Mongo guys are good guys, they are not going to keep the winning trophy.

Please quit linking or posting that frauds website. The guys a con!

For those who might be new do a search on Mike Overcast. You'll get to see whet the off road community thinks about him.


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