It's getting close to the start of greatest race in the world, the 2015 Dakar Rally! In the days leading up to the start of stage 1, there will be many events taking place. Robby Gordon and a few #TeamSPEED members have already arrived in Argentina, and the remaining crew will arrive around Dec.30th.

The guys will pick up the support trucks and the Gordini, then they will setup the #TeamSPEED compound and work on the vehicle leading up to Scrutineering (Tech inspection). Scrutineering takes place from January 1st to 3rd in Buenos Aires. On Jan 3rd, the teams will parade to the 'opening ceremonies ramp' and all the drivers will be introduced. There will be links to the "LIVE TV FEED" available on Jan. 3rd.

Stage 1 begins on Jan. 4th, 2015. As always, we will have live raceday chat, stage threads, in-action updates, photos, videos, etc. The "official" #TeamSPEED daily stage videos will be hosted here as well. The guys on the crew will also be sending us updates from the frontline.

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Awesome. You, TOG, deserve the Legion of Merit Award for the work that you do here.

Thanks for all the hard work TOG looking forward to a great DAKAR

There were some scenes that didn't make the final cut in the "Road To Dakar" show that I believe are essential to the story, that we will add over the next few days. One in particular is when truck driver Randy had a blown tire on his way to the Jacksonville port with the support truck.

TOG,I agree with Xracer and pdx Thanks for everything you do and really looking forward to the deleted footage Dakar 1 and 2 were great it was cool seeing behind the scenes and also getting some idea of what the RGM crew are like and what they put into this effort, amazing!

Must not have been Toyo !!

This is the best time of the year. Other than Christmas, of course. I cannot wait.

Here is a screenshot from the video of the support truck getting dropped off at port in Jacksonville. This was originally supposed to be shown in Part 2 of "Road To Dakar". Notice the ship in the background :)

Maybe ran over a Bud bottle. Have to avoid those Quilmes in Argentina

Screenshot of the support truck's blown tire en route to port. The truck can hold many spares, and all the support trucks will begin the rally with a full allotment of spares. So the support trucks not only carry spares for the Gordini, it also carries spares for itself.

Well it is better that it happened here then on the road there.
Any word what caused the blowout?

probably ran over debris in turn 2

One of them thar nascar thangs.


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