Robby in a #7 Loctite SST?

Thanks to Rick Crandell for sharing this video. (does that sound like a rev-limiter?)

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Cool video. Thanks. Looks like bobbychuck is there as well.

Love the Traxxas quad copter in the air too . You just know Robby was trying to get as close as he could to that cop car lmao

look'd like Arie Jr. to me

Eagle eyes, Mike! ... very good indeed.

It wasn't that hard to spot, way different driving style.Robby doesn't beat the shit out of the engine and more precise donut's,jmo
Oh,and Robby wouldn't need to do slow 4 point turns to turn around;-)
Got the live feed going whoelse all is here ?
Love seeing them 3 wheel thru the corners
WOW BIG HIT !!!! Jenner got sideways off jump hit wall and kept going . Running last now
Viso Arie Robby top 3 at 1/2 way

looks like Arie 's got a whole lot of RG on his butt


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