Do we know if Robby will compete in the 500?

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No reason to be will be all about SST in 2013!

Here are my thoughts:

I'd say it's a longshot, because of the SST series. Unless a sponsor were to foot 100% of the bill ( he would have to update everything to 2013 specs, PLUS get a new car manufacturer, etc ) I just don't see it happening. He has more to gain by spending the $$ for his OWN series. The NC shop is making them SST trucks.......

Keep in mind: Robby didn't race at Watkins Glen. A road course. That right there speaks volumes of his involvement in Nascar.

As much as reading this pains me and RG not running the Daytona 500, TOG is 100% correct. When RG did not show up for Watkins Glen, i figured he would never run a Nascar race agin with RGM as the owner. I completeley understand the reasons behind RG's decision to try the SST series, yet I am trying to become more receptive to SST, just going to take some time for me to get into the new series. I guess thats why I already have my flights booked for two SST races next year. i will miss RG in the 500, but oh well, sometimes as people say change is good....Onward and upward

Thanks for putting it into perspective. I guess i may as well let my season tickets to Watkins Glen expire also since he will problably never race there aagin! Thanks

I wouldn't say he has run his last Nascar race, but I just don't see him dumping his own money into Nascar when he can invest that same money into his OWN series. I'd say his future nascar races all depend on proper sponsorship.

I think Bill should hang onto those Glen tickets, thats always a hell of a show. As for NASCAR is there any possibilty he could catch a ride with a decent small team? Robby always seems to do well at the plate tracks he seems to have that type of racing figured out. I'm just spitballing here but it would seem he could be a benifit to someone.

People I know you've been brainwashed into thinking that NASCRAP is the greatest thing since indoor plumbing and toilet paper , but there ARE other forms of racing . Here's the REAL kicker they are BETTER than almighty NASCAR . Just give the SSTs , short course , and desert races a chance and you'll see , after awhile you'll wonder why Robby didn't do this sooner .

The numbers don't lie: A ton of RG's fanbase do miss him in Nascar.

Anecdotally TOG, Whats the visits now versus when RG was running fulltime in Nascar?

The thing that makes Nascar important to me as a fan is that it is EVERY week! I just get so bummed that I can't see him run. Face it Off-Road doesn't currently have the TV time and all that. Shoot Grand-Am series has more tv time on channels that you can actually find than Indy Car or any other series other than Nascar Sprint and Nationwide.




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