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Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2012 Sonoma cup race. Robby Gordon will attempt to qualify the #7 Mapei Dodge into the field on Friday & will run the full race on Sunday. Gordon finished 18th at this track in 2011 & won the race in 2003. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the California track.


Practice 3:00pm - 4:30 pm/et ( TV - SPEED )
Qualifying 6:40pm - 8:00 pm/et ( TV - SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )

Practice Live Leaderboard


Practice 12:30pm/et - 1:15pm/et ( TV - NONE )
Happy Hour 3:00pm/et - 4:00pm/et (TV -SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )


Raceday 3:00 pm/et , greenflag at 3:18 pm/et ( TV - TNT )




1. Engine? RGM
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy / MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Robby Gordon
4. Full Race? YES
5. Souvenir Hauler ? YES
6. Where is Miles Stanley? Engineer for BK Racing ( 73, 83 & 93 )

7. Where is Brooks ? Napa Valley


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Robby just got interviewed on PRN radio talked bout today's race and also the SSTs 

Would have loved to be able to meet up, but I can't make it. Enjoy and here's to a great run for Robby!

It's still been a good run . Thank you Robby for all the years . Now enjoy yourself and do what you love . 
What is that? Finishing 19th in off-road races? Sponsoring some touring monster truck that competes in nothing? Come some point things have gone south real quick for RGM, and 'lack of sponsorship' is growing to be a tired excuse. It's a chicken and egg deal.
Joco to quote Robby KISS MY ASS !!

Classy. Next time try addressing something that I said instead of being a piece of white trash.

Problem is everything you've said IS trash . You obviously know nothing about offroad racing or any of it's history so instead of trying to learn something about it you just dismiss it as not mattering . Fact is offroad racing has been around since 1967 when Ed Perlman founded the 1st sanctioning body for desert racing called NORRA ( national off road racing association ) . The 1st race was the Mexican 1000 which is now the Baja 1000 . Later in 1973 Mickey  Thompson took over and it became SCORE International . SCORE International is the biggest off-road sanctioning body in the sport of desert racing and is famous for its flagship event, the Baja 1000. SCORE races are held in United States and Mexico. SCORE continues today under the direction of Sal Fish. Fish was recruited by the late Mickey Thompson, founder of SCORE International, soon after Mickey started it in 1973 and immediately began to make the organization and the sport more visible. He broadened exposure of the legendary SCORE Baja 1000 until it became the premiere desert race in the world, now covered by national and international television as well as journalists from around the world.Fish developed TV coverage of the SCORE Off-Road World Championships at the old Riverside International Raceway and created a number of highlights that made it a unique spectator event. He developed the concept of “heavy metal” and “mini metal” divisions, pioneered a system of emergency medical response in the desert and created an independent review board to hear appeals by racers who have been penalized for rule infractions during the heat of competition. The SCORE Trophy-Truck class, for unlimited production trucks with upwards of 800 horsepower, was another innovation when he christened the division in 1994.
In late 1986 the team of Sal Fish, president and chief financial officer Ted Johnson, acquired full ownership of SCORE International. Long associated with Mickey Thompson, in reality, SCORE had been managed solely by Fish for many years leading up to the acquisition. Not long after that, SCORE joined with the late Walt Lott and Lott’s High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) to produce a combined championship series unparalleled in the world of off-road racing. Together, Fish and Lott organized the major manufacturers into an advisory committee, which served to recommend technical and safety rules to the organizers, assist with public relations and communicate to participants. The combined HDRA/SCORE series ran from 1985-1991. SCORE purchased HDRA outright, forming one organization in 1993.
A feature-length documentary, directed by Dana Brown, called ‘Dust To Glory’, was produced in association with SCORE International. Released in April, 2005, it is a tribute to the legendary Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000. The DVD sales of this unique movie continue today at a record pace. Now that you know a little about the sport you won't be so fast to dismiss it as nothing but a white trash sport . As you see its history is just as deep as your beloved NASCAR .

A) I never said off-road racing wasn't totally awesome
B) I never said off-road racing was a white-trash sport; I said and still maintain that YOU are (in your response earlier) presenting yourself as such.

Fact is, as cool as off-road racing is, it has no audience. You and I cannot watch it readily on television on a regular basis. There is no exposure or relevance in the great motorsports spectrum. Seeing Robby relegated to racing only off-road (and not performing well even at that lately!) is sad to see, and that is exactly what was conveyed in my original comment to which you so intelligently replied "Kiss my ass".

So I take it you consider Robby white trash as well ? Considering it was him that I quoted . Thing is you had no logical response to say so you made it personal by calling me white trash . Where as I merely said " kiss my ass " as a joking quote that Robby used himself . But it's ok if I'm able to teach you more about offroad racing and hopefully appreciate the sport more all is good with me 

c'mon guy's, take it outside...everyone keep on movin, nothin to see here...keep on movin...let's go.....

mj dont let this narrow minded jerk get to ya
mabyTOG can ban him or we can send him an invitation to the redneck nation/ earnhart jr. site where he belongs

Yeah, because Robby directed that very original quote to me personally, right?

I appreciate the lesson on off-road history. I am no expert. However, I am a fan nonetheless but that doesn't mean I'm happy to see Robby essentially relegate himself to racing only in BITD events. They are not visible or relevant to anyone outside of the "scene". That's great and all to win, but he's not making any new fans or gaining any exposure doing that, and the chances he has had to do such--aka NASCAR--the performance is not there, and that is quite frustrating because the excuses are getting hackneyed and quite simply, he can do better.


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