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Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2012 Sonoma cup race. Robby Gordon will attempt to qualify the #7 Mapei Dodge into the field on Friday & will run the full race on Sunday. Gordon finished 18th at this track in 2011 & won the race in 2003. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the California track.


Practice 3:00pm - 4:30 pm/et ( TV - SPEED )
Qualifying 6:40pm - 8:00 pm/et ( TV - SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )

Practice Live Leaderboard


Practice 12:30pm/et - 1:15pm/et ( TV - NONE )
Happy Hour 3:00pm/et - 4:00pm/et (TV -SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )


Raceday 3:00 pm/et , greenflag at 3:18 pm/et ( TV - TNT )




1. Engine? RGM
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy / MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Robby Gordon
4. Full Race? YES
5. Souvenir Hauler ? YES
6. Where is Miles Stanley? Engineer for BK Racing ( 73, 83 & 93 )

7. Where is Brooks ? Napa Valley


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good pitstops. all were on camera.

Very nicely said Dave----I so agree with you and TOG and the other reasonable people on here. Listen, take a minute and walk through the garage and talk to the real---REAL---drivers and ask them about RG. You will find a common theme---he is a true talent and can get the most out of any type of vehicle on any type of track. At times his passion and temper may take him out of a race but his talent is unquestioned. Anybody who thought that he was there to S&P or that he wasn't competitive wasn't watching the crappy coverage. He was running some very good lap times and was actually picking up a little time on the leader on one run. Parts break--shit happens---those are things that are very tough to control and they happen to the top tier teams in all forms of racing.
Everybody---RG will be back at the Glen and I have a feeling he will be heading back to Montreal until he gets what is owed to him---a victory. You can see from interviews that it sticks in his crawl what happened in Montreal and how Nascrap handled that. The SST thing will be fun to follow and watch grow. I am hoping that he finds a venue to run the SST's somewhere in the southeast so I can see it in person. Lastly---TOG---Thanks--THANKS for what you do---keeping us informed of the goings on with RG. RG---if you read this---from an old, old CART fan---keep the passion and keep your foot in it

Hey Rob, this rant is not at you at all! My motto is very simple..." don't bring me down"...keep the downer crap to yourself! Life is way to short to deal with the aholes in this world! Ask yourself this, are you the problem or the solution in this life! If you don't have a solution...beet it! No, I'm not directing it a you, just the downers out in cyber world! There are those that wish and are awesome on Monday morning QBs, then you have those who go and try! Appreciate those with the balls that try and fail!

When visting the Sprint Cup display the Spring Cup Gal was talking up the photo opp (she is not normally in it) and they show it on the big screen in the display area. Anyway, I got her to come stand by me while she was doing her promotion. Not sure my wife and daughter liked the pairings, however.


Good photo Jay...

Nice! Good shot of the "trophy" lol

Love the pic Jay

The question is now do I keep the site going or shut it down in September? We have zero sponsorship here & have been able to keep it going through members 'helping to save the planet' , but we still fell short of our goal after a few not honoring their pledges. But hey, we had a fun ride, no ?

As much as it costs RG to race & his generosity to Mapei & Menards, I am glad we got a few races. Still think there are a few more on the agenda ( Montreal & The Glen ) . After RG not racing for months in cup, I appreciated every lap. They put a lot of hard work into the effort.

I r think the question is how much is needed to keep it going? I made several offers to you but you never got back to me! How much$$$$$$$$ is needed???????I 4 1, love this,, but who am I!!?

I say keep it running especially now more than ever . With Robby having the new series and still doing the desert and Dakar . It should defiantly weed out the folks who are Robby fans and those who just rooted for a different driver other than Jr in NASCAR . 

Didn't you say he was doing Canada & The Glen?

We need more Planet Premium members for starters. Hard to believe there's only 45. There are a lot of Planeteers that are on here every day & are not Premium members. Step it up folks!!


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