Join in and discuss all the action for the 2012 San Felipe 250. Robby Gordon will drive the #77 SPEED Energy Trophy Truck. Live coverage begins on Saturday, March 10th via the SAN FELIPE link on the main menu. Trophy Trucks are slated to begin at 1:00pm/et ( 10:00am local time ) .Raceday chat will begin at 9:00am/et. Robby Gordon will start 3rd.

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Need a clean run and bring home the Win!

At last Robby gets back to his REAL world ! KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES ROBBY !

we really just need a good run, top 5ish for a good draw for the 500

Steve Kendall is codriver

That start video running thru the crowd - especially near the end - is fantastic. So close - so fast.

who is steve kendall?

Hes a member on the planet look him up

Steve,co dog'd the Parker win.If you remember back a couple of years ago ,Steve drove the TT at Laughlin on Saturday and Robby drove on Sunday.If you want a face to go with the name @4:05 mark


what are the facts, like, new or old engine,. fresh built,. or what,. the way things have gone latelly, what do we know this time,.

The way things have gone lately ? What problems has he had in offroad ? The KOH rig wasnt his & was a last minute deal, so I dont count that motor issue RGMs problem.

The offroad problem Robby is having,He's too FAST !


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