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San Felipe, Mexico (March 12, 2012) - A broken transmission ended Robby Gordon's chances at the San Felipe 250 on Saturday as well as cost him a top-12 drawing spot for the Baja 500 in June.

Like most off-road races, Gordon knows how to pace himself and save his equipment until the end, especially at San Felipe because it is known to be hard on equipment due to the harsh terrain. Gordon set a steady pace early as he was the thrid truck off the line. He knew he would have to battle the course instead of racing Jesse James hard at the start. After James made the pass, Gordon could see parts and pieces falling off James' truck, knowing that he wasn't going to run hard in the bumps for much longer.

Before heading towards the dry lake bed, drivers had to make their way through a long road full of bumps between race mile 50 and 70. On this stretch of road, Gordon would end up passing leader Rob MacCachren as well as Jesse James as both of their trucks had issues. Gordon was able to move to second place behind new leader, Andy McMillin.

Suddenly, Gordon came to a stop; his transmission didn't have any gear except reverse. While trying to escape the course, he got stuck which resulted in more positions lost for the 2009 champion.

"It's a huge disappointment to make the trip down here and not even make it half way before having problems. The truck was steady and fast through the bumps. We found out Andy had issues a little bit further from ours; I think that if it had held together we would have had a good chance of winning the race. We have some changes coming that could solve our transmission issues for the 500. We'll just have to hope we end up with a decent drawing spot in order to have a chance to position ourselves for a win."

Look for the SPEED Energy/Toyo Tires Trophy Truck again in June for the Baja 500.

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Thanks TOG

Thats racing

Thank you. Do you write these releases?

No I dont.

from SPEED Energy PR

I finally listened to the Down and Dirty interview.
That is a pretty good little job of touching bases and even gave me a reason to not pitch as mutch of a fit about the less than sub-par Nascar efforts.
The bit he puts out there about the hopes of getting a franchise bid really could be a good thing. I thought the talks of this happening died with Dale Sr, he was trying to get the franchise scenario to happen but I have not heard much about it in quite a while.
As time has gone on I just figured the franchise would "If It Happened" be called something like the FHRCG show "France, Hendrick, Roush, Childress, Gibbs".
All the rest would be raceing out of their own pockets.

he explains it pretty crystal clear.

I agree.
Very good interview in my opinion.

Kyle Petty proposed franchises many years ago... 11 franchises, 4 cars each.

Where did the SPEED Energy sponsored cars finish in their respective classes? Anyone know ? Seems to have been a half dozen of them.


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