Join in and discuss all the action for the 2012 B.I.T.D. Parker 425. Robby Gordon is driving the #1537 RPM Offroad SPEED Energy Truggy ( No Trophy Truck until the Baja 500 ). Qualifying is on Thursday, February 2nd ( about 3:00pm/et ) & the race is slated to begin at 9:15am/et on Saturday, February 4th. Live raceday CHAT will be available. Stay tuned for further info.

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#18 Lopez- 5th oa
7258,8058,6030,2012 where there somewhere

Any video of Robby on the podium ? I missed it on RDC the feed went down :~(

Some Pictures From Bouse

Cool pics

Nice Denis

So this may have been answered already but I have 8 month old twins so I don't have time to run through the whole discussion. LOL
What made robby run the "troggy" instead of the TT? I assume the troggy is basically the TT with a different body. Dont know. Anyone??

repairs to Robby's TT where not complete.Clyde Stacey hurt his back at Laughlin,so that made his Truggy available.Yes a Truggy is TTish becouse of the one piece rear axle housing.but runs as a Class 1 or BiTD 1500.

Thanks Man. I read part of the thread and realized thats what its all about. Appreciate the info!!

one other thing,BiTD starts Class 1/1500 and TT's/1400 based on where they qualify.SCORE starts them by draw with TT's going before all Class 1's.
Many have said for years that if the Class 1's/1500 started with a TTs ,that they can win more overalls.Well today made that case.

Big time

It's the old Chile Hummer

Not true...


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