Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2010 Pocono #2 cup race.PJ Jones will drive the #7 Speedfactory Toyota on Sunday. Please note, Robby Gordon will return next week at Watkins Glen. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the Pennsylvania track.


 Practice          12:00pm - 1:30pm/et   ( 45th Quickest )
 Qualifying         3:30pm - 5:30 pm/et   ( 42nd Quickest )

Practice Live Leaderboard


 Practice            9:00am -  9:45 am/et   ( 43rd Quickest )
 Happy Hour      11:20am - 12:20 pm/et  ( 43rd Quickest )


 Raceday           1:00 pm/et , greenflag at 1:18 pm/et  ( TV - ESPN )

Dont forget live raceday chat will be available & live track updates via  PLANETROBBY TWITTER

                                                              Robby Gordon Pocono #2 Top 5 F.A.Q.

                                                                            1) Souvenir trailer ?
                                                                            2) What Chassis ?
                                                                                Same as Indy/Orange
                                                                            3) Who is the crew chief ?
                                                                                Miles Stanley
                                                                            4) Who is the sponsor ?
                                                                            5) Will Robby run Nationwide at The Glen?
                                                                                No he won't. Montreal is the only NW race.

                                                                             2009 Pocono #2 Images

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He probably just wanted to go faster than his previous laps, and messed up his braking point going into turn 1. I drove many laps at Pocono back in 1992 ( Bertil roos school , plus got to turn some laps on the track) and it is VERY EASY to overdrive turn 1 at that track,especially all the speed you are carrying ( granted I was only going about 90-100 , but still...its a massive transition )
i highly doubt that...robby and pj are both business men at heart and can separate business and personal lives very well. robby and the jones' have been close forever, and i am confident that they will continue to remain close. maybe not at the track so much, but close in their personal lives...
Especially over driving a car when you are off the pace and the WHOLE goal for the weekend was to keep the car clean and get out there and run SAFE laps and park it and get a solid 36-40th place finish and some $
before we bury Caesar here, let's keep in mind that there may have been handling issues that sent PJ in the wall, similar to what happened to BL. Remember, PJ ran that second Sears Point car all day long with nary a black donut on the side.
they are quick to crucify on this site...
Well, they're quick to look for any excuse. Can't blame RG. Can't blame RGM. So just jump all over PJ. It must be PJs fault. It HAS to be PJ. As if he took a quality car from a high level team and destroyed it.

It seems to me that PJ has done just fine with what he was been given in regards to equipment and expectations. Otherwise they wouldn't go back to him. It's not like there aren't a dozen guys out there with that could do a start and park right now.....
Actually, PJ did admit to fucking up that lap, so it was his fault at Pocono. I see what you are getting at, but save this one for another time.
There have been crew changes before, and yes it looks like a train wreck. We can only guess as to what the inside story really is. The only comments I have is the Chicago car was not due to Aero, it was all set up issues getting the car all bound up in the corner, as for PJ wrecking, it happens, even if you are tryiing to take it easy. TOG, dont recall the last time you drove anything, but with many thousands of laps under my belt, you'd be suprised what can happen.
Like I said above, I was only going 80-100 mph on the pocono track back in 1992 and the car washed up the track in 1 very easily. And that was a joy ride..99.9% of the people on this site probably couldnt get within 10mph of Pjs slowest time. The thing that is being overlooked is that it sucks that Robby isnt racing this I appreciate it when he does race...but still, wrecking in practice sucks.
That is amazing, I would have thought someone with thousands of laps in a racecar would understand chassis tight and aero loose but what do I know, I have only built and driven racecars for 40 years as well as been a crew chief in all 3 of NASCARS top series for the last 17 years with many wins and a championship ring, what do I know.....perhaps you should apply for the job Mr. Gump because you sir are a genius.
Wow - haven't read the posts this week til today. This all sounds like a bad nightmare...
bad nightmare is " robby will not run anymore races in 2010 " but luckily he is.


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