Here we are a good way into the season and all I can say is it sucks without Robby. Robby helps make the season exciting. His team brings a little hope that the small guys can make it too. All these multi car teams and their massive money don't keep reality in NASCAR. I look forward (use to) to the weekend just to see how RG tangles with the big guys. I'm a proud supporter of RG, whether it's at the race track or at home watching. Robby I hope you find funding so you can get back to the paved track. I love the dirt racing, but we con't get to see much of that from the house.. Come Back to NASCAR.

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I'll second that.... But make's me wonder if we'll see him at more then 2 race's a year now. If at all :-(

Thanks David - AMEN to that. I was so happy that Kasey won this weekend and not JJ or Kyle. Even though Kasey is with Hendrick who doesn't need more wins - I'd like to see Jr. pull off a win too before this season ends, he has been so close. Robby will have a hard row to hoe if he comes back, he's so far out of the 35 and will have to race into every race, even if he gets the financial help he needs. You know how hard it is to be among the go-or-go-homers. One little mistake can put you on the truck home before you the starting lineup even gets it's positions. I was also glad to see Danica come in last, she is a piece of work. Joan

Can't agree more on Kasey or Junior. To be honest, I'd like to see Jeff Gordon capture a win. That guy would have no luck if it weren't for bad luck. I'd love to see RG come back to Nascar strong, with a second car. Maybe he could pick up David Guililand (sorry if I miss spelled) I know they're friends, David's a good racer, but could also use some better cars and motors. Not unlike RG. New funding and support from Dodge (if that's possible) would make a huge difference. Who would you team RG up with for a second car???

Robby's a great driver in any car he sits in. I think he's better off out of the NASCAR Flying Circus and Hot Dog stand.

Where I hope to see him is in Grand-Am driving a Daytona Ptototype and possibly at Le Mans. Yeah, I love sports car racing. My "first love" as a form of racing. I'm a salt flats racer now, but I still love sports car racing. And I know that Grand-Am DP cars don't race at the French crepe susette and champagne festival....but the GT cars do.

Afaik, he's never run the French Follies...and only once in the Daytona 24. I think his experience with long races and taking care of equipment would be a great fit for endurance sports cars.

C'mon, Robby. Somebody's gotta teach Scott "Hi to my family at home" Pruett some humility. And the French froggies need to have their butts handed to 'em :)

Robby has run/won(class) the Daytona 24hrs many times. I also would like to see him in Sports Cars.time will tell. (Think Roush Fords,mustangs,cougars)


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