Who all is at least thinking about going to Indy this year!?

1.) Scott
2.) TOG
3.) Texas SpeedDiva
4.) RGRacinFan (Jaci)
5.) Sarah
6.) speedy7
7.) Scott C
8.) IndyTim
9.) Spintrips
10.) Andy Jerdon
11.) Doug
12.) Bill Strano

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Yes, I will be there
Me, me. I'm planning on it! And since Robby is threatening to run again, the BF is planning on coming along too.

Tickets ordered. Hotel and car reservations made. Keeping an eye on airfare.
Indy always, love the 500. Pole and bump day, only if Robby is there.
Scott, so you are going to the 500 no matter what...but pole and bump day only if Robby is there?
I'll be there and I'm bringing Sarah and "that guy" with me! Got the rooms reserved, just need to get tickets. Short 3 hour drive for us.
Great to hear you are still going.

You are so lucky on the 3 hour drive. 12 hours for me...but it will be worth it.
Are you stopping by on the way through?
YES!! I will be there!! Jaci insists on taking that guy, but we will have fun anyway. LOL!! Looking forward to meeting up with you and the Diva too. Should be great time!
33rd year in a row.........I'll be there
Got my tickets before I heard of Robby's plans...Can't wait to see my first Indy 500!
I will most certainly be there. It's a great tradition that I started with my son when he was one. He is now four and my father and a few buddies have all joined together to watch this great spectacle. We also enjoy camping in Lot #2.


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