Walt Pendleton had a heart attack and Triple ByPass yesterday after surviving " The Widow Maker".
He's doing fabulous today, but we almost lost him.
We had been traveling together when all this started. I am here in AZ with him, if you want to send him well wishes you can inbox me and I'll share my phone number with you, or DM me on Twitter, or contact Terie Vass, she's in constant contact with me.
One thing about being an old RG Fan is just that. Many of us really are getting old. lol
Best wishes to all our old PlanetRobby and pre-PlanetRobby friends.
I think we need another get together this year.

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Sending best wishes and prayers

Hi Clance',
Thank you the update, wish Walt well for me Please.

Thank you for letting us know. Sending healing thoughts for a continued good recovery to Walt. Take care of yourselves everyone.

Having survived the widow maker and a quad bypass myself, I send only good chi and vibes to Walt. He can do this.

Wish the best for your recovery

Sending thoughts, prayers and well wishes to Walt.
Thanks for the update Clance'.

Thoughts and prayers to a fellow Robby Fan!


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