I barely tolerate NASCAR . . . when I watch, I watch for only one reason, to see how Robby Gordon and his boys are doing. When Robby runs a SCORE event, I find my self scouring the Internet for information, thank God for rd.c & the Planet, if not for them I wouldn't know a damn thing. For two weeks in January I find myself addicted to the Dakar rally and the exploits of Robby Gordon Motorsports.
I just read Ramses Perez's "Survival is key". The absolute shit the boys have gone through these last three days and Ramses still is loving it, living it, and sharing it. Thank you Ramses!
I want to thank the admins at the Planet, you contribute to my habit yet are kind enough to provide the fix free of charge. I appreciate the work you do.

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Your very welcome....junkie.
Hey, I could stop whenever I want. Really. I mean I just follow Robby socially, you know.

I DO NOT have a problem, damn you.

Shut up!
Following RGM isn't my problem... Stopping is my problem.
So TOG's my dealer, WJM and Cow are enablers..
I need to go to a meeting.
haaahaaahaaaa!!!!!! same here!
My name is VAK and I'm a Robby addict. I'm here for the support I get from others with a similar affliction who know as well as I do the agony and ecstasy that come with following the greatest driver on the planet! But in direct contrast to other 12-step programs, we're not here to shed our demons but rather to soak up any little piece of news or views we can scavenge to keep that fire burning within. Many thanks to the admins for keeping me hooked!
We have some good shit coming in tonight. Pure.
It's already here, it's called a win! Pure talent... It's what we junkies here feed on. Winning a stage is great, when the overall win comes it will be euphoria.
Know what you mean - Dakar and Score are the $#*t. N^$*^@ is the soggy cereal at the bottom of the bowl.
My son & I made to the 07 KC race and that was a cool experience. RGM didn't do so hot that day but we did get to meet Robby buy a bunch of gear at the trailer. Major scheduling event for me to make a road course event. Hmmm, may be NASCAR will come to Heartland Park . . . the trucks ran there very early on. Yeah, I know, never happen.
And before the trucks, Waltrip and Earnhart ran there (the ones with talent). Waltrip was there because his sponsor was Western Auto, based in KC, and Earnhart came as a favor to him. If I remember right, finishing 3rd or 4th that day was a guy named Rick Hendrick (in a Ricky Rudd backup car).

Full blown blizzard in Lecompton right now, Doug. Where are you at?
Wichita, 7 degrees w/a -4 wind chill. We didn't get all the snow, just a dusting. I was in KC yesterday afternoon, not fun.


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