The Robby Gordon and Gordon family is loved by many, and the news of Bob Gordon has left us all heartbroken. Please let Robby and his family know how much they mean to you.

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Well said Bernadette... +1.

This has been a kind of double whammy for me. On Sept 9th I learned that my former husband of 34 years (Mouseking7) passed away suddenly. Then I hear about Robby's dad! That pretty much blew me away! I had the opportunity to meet and chat at some length with Bob in Loudon, NH, a few years ago. He was delightful and a gentleman. My sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Gordon family during this extremely difficult time. I have no more words...

sad to hear Baja Bob is gone thoughts and prayers with Robby and family

I would like to share a story about Bob. We were at the Bristol race, Robby was in the merchandise trailer, Just as I got to the counter to purchase a hat, Robby was going out the back door, heading to practice. I paid for my cap and walked around the corner, And Bob was standing there. This was the first time we had ever met him, He shook my hand as I proceeded to tell him I had followed him and Robby for years. He looked at my cap and said "did you get it signed" I explained what happened, Immediately he shouted at Robby's golf cart driving away, "Wait just a Minute !" He walked us thru the crowd, got Robby to sign it, then said "Do you and your wife want to get a picture". Robby was in a hurry but stayed for pics. When Robby left, Bob stayed and talked to us for about 10 minutes.. but instead of talking about racing, he ask about us and our family, Then he thanked us for being a Robby fan. I reminded him we were Bob fans as well. again he thanked us. Such a Kind Man.


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