The numbers speak for themselves.

And also over at RDC

This is a huge decline in website traffic which also brings the economic impact of reduced ad impressions, clicks, etc. And I'm sure this isn't limited to PR and RDC.

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It would be nice if ASO realized it, but I would not bet on it

The impact will be felt at in reduced website traffic from from U.S. ISP's and IP addresses. Again, that would impact ad revenue, swag, app downloads, etc.

The TV numbers will be difficult to track because NBCSN doesn't subscribe to Nielsen (at least last time I checked they didn't) so there is no way to compare this year's highlights show numbers to last year.

and I thought I was just me!

I bet the number of times you've been asked for the link is way down too. :)

Zero requests, so yes , much reduced ;-)

I'm sure the ACO will realize the effect. Whether they admit it publicly is anyone's guess.

ASO, ACO. Neither would. They're both French.

i'm pretty sure they realize that but admitting it is another issue

Doubt it is having much of an effect on non English Speaking sites.

Us americans don't have a horse in this race. Not much interest. Nothing to talk about with my gearhead friends:(.

no RG- no thanx

wish he would have come with 2 cars---but well....:-/


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