December 3rd-4th, 2021

Watch Mad Max Gordon #1977
Timing and Scoring to follow

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3:11, moved to the pit access road

4:00 pm still sitting in the pits, looks like on to Saturday

Thanks Mike for keeping us in the loop.
Ill try and pop in today

per Ricky Johnson on The Mint400 livestream, Robby will NOT be racing today.

sidenote- I will be following the NASA NORCAL 25 HRS OF THUNDERHILL watching the 31 car of Jason Frasier/ Mark Sundberg
the race starts at 11:00 AM PT today

Anyone know why Robby isn't racing today? I was there yesterday, he looked ready to run...

Rob Harris (aka BC) posted a cryptic post- gear. whatever that actually means, I noted in footage the Unicorn looked to only be driving the rear wheels

bottom line, I believe it was due to lack of time to prep the TT after the B1K

The Mint wasn't kind to the Gordons.
But I agree with you Mike it was just lack of prep. Try again next race!!

Just FYI for those that may not follow as closely as others: Robby has also admitted they don't focus on the their TT program like they used too since they are all in on the development and production of the Speed UTV.


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